Corporate Law

Company Formation and Administration, Raising Capital and Private Equity, Shareholder Agreements, Restructuring, Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, and Company Secretarial Services

A Limited Liability Company is, by far, the go to business vehicle of choice. However, its regulatory framework is extensive and complex with compliance obligations cutting across law, governance, tax, and finance. We know where the minefields are and we will help you avoid them.

Corporate Law is also about deals. Whether it is takeovers, mergers, trade sales, joint ventures, or raising capital we are here to support you and walk with you through it all. Should you want to manage shareholder relations in a manner beyond that envisaged by the Companies Act, were will set you up and help you manage the relationships smoothly.

We will set you up with or review your corporate governance policies and ensure they are what you need to fully comply with the law and keep your business competitive.