Employment Law

Employment Agreements, Unfair Dismissal, General Protections Disputes, Non-Compete Restraints, and Litigated Employment Claims.

Workplace relations are often left on the bottom of the list of things to put on the straight and narrow and yet they are critical to the success or failure of the business. Employment law is a minefield. Is she an independent contractor? Is he a part-time employee? Oh, is it that she is a casual employee? It can be hard to distinguish between them. Make that five employees and the repercussions are surprisingly bigger than you imagined. We manage that for you through the full cycle of employment.

We will draft your employment manuals and ensure you are compliant with all relevant labour legislation and review your internal human resource management policies to ensure they are legally above board. Should trouble arise, we will be with you as long as it takes to put the matter to rest and ensure you are on the right side of the law.

You get convenience, quick turnarounds, easy access, practical, easy to understand and easy to use advice.