Property Law

Residential Property Sales, Purchases and Leasing; Commercial Leasing, Commercial Conveyance, Property Development, and Project Finance.

Off plan purchases are increasingly becoming common for the advantages they offer. You get to buy an apartment or office and pay for it over a longer period than you ordinarily would. The developer gets to use cheaper funds to build. Every one gains. Well, if the agreement is fair, anyways. It doesn’t matter whether you are the buyer or the developer, we will walk you through the process; pointing out to you the areas of exposure and potential minefields. We will draft or negotiate a fair and workable agreement for you so that you rest easy.

We do more than off plan purchases and sales. From buying, leasing or selling residential property to commercial leasing and property development, we have someone who knows how to get the deal suitable to your profile. If you bring us on board early, we will negotiate with you your financing arrangements with your bank so you get a financing arrangement that won’t stifle you.